Locations, Delivery, and FAQ

We are located from BC to Saskatchewan at all the major cities. We can deliver to your location at a competitive rate. On time every time.

Located in the East Coast? No problem we can source containers and arrange for your shipping container delivery.

What is the cost?

Container prices vary due to supply and demand. We will give you the most competitive price we can. Call us and discuss renting or buying your container.

Can I use this as an office?

Yes, we customize containers for office, first aid, sleeping quarters all to your specifications.

Why not use a garden shed?

Shipping containers provide superior security and are strong, durable and lockable.

How do I arrange delivery?

We will arrange this for you at a reasonable rate.

What are the grades of container?

New or one-tripper containers were used once and are in ship worthy condition. They have fresh paint and flooring.
Used containers are the most popular due to pricing and availability. All are wind watertight.

What size of container?

The most common is 20Ft – it depends on your space you have available to store the container and what you need to store. We have all sizes for all needs available for rent or sale.

Containers available for delivery within 24 hours