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September 23, 2019

9 Unique Shipping Container Uses

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Shipping containers can be used in a variety of different and creative ways. In this article, we look at 9 unique uses for shipping containers seen across the world

1) Shipping Container Green House

If you’ve got a green thumb, this one is perfect for you. Greenhouses are a great way to lengthen the growing season for your vegetables. When you combine this with the strength of shipping containers, this creates the perfect combination to withstand mother natures worst.















2) Shipping Container Pool

A shipping container pool is great alternative to above ground pools, offering amazing durability and strength.

3) Shipping Container Pop-up Shop

Pop-up shops are a trend that have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are a great way for brands to test certain markets before committing to a full market entry.


Source: Photo by Phil Campbell

4) Shipping Container Movie Theatre

Shipping container movie theatres are a great idea if you are in the film industry and need a pre-screening room. In Russia, there is a shortage of movie theatres which has prompted a smart company to modify shipping containers into micro movie theatres across the country.

5) Shipping Container Art

A recent art instalment in New Westminster, BC features a giant “W”, standing for WOW Westminster. Designed by José Resende, this 140-foot public art piece is said to represent the importance of the economic activity along the Fraser River. This is just one of thousands of different types of shipping container art seen across the world.


6) Shipping Container Homes

One of the most well known unique uses for shipping containers, these micro style homes are taking social media by storm. It’s not surprising that they have garnered the attention of thousands across the internet, look how cool they are! One developer in the UK went beyond the typical micro-home style usually seen with shipping containers, and has created an entire apartment complex.

7) Shipping Container Data Centre

Smart tech companies, such as Sun Microsystems, have used shipping containers as data centres in the past. This is a creative and smart use for shipping containers since they are extremely secure, and durable to provide great protection for their data.

8) Shipping Container Walkway

Useful for creating a safe walkway through rough terrain. Shipping container walkways offer protection from the elements while able to process large amounts of traffic.


Source: Photo by Kristina Velan

9) Shipping

Who would have thought! Shipping containers are a great way for you to have a safe place to secure belongings when moving, doing renovations, needing extra space, or any other creative use as seen in this article. The convenient 20-foot size offers incredibly flexibility when moving, as it is significantly easier to transport compared to other sizes.


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